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~ Workplace Violence Prevention ~

The Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks the thousands of injuries, and hundreds of fatalities, brought about by workplace violence in the United States each year. These incidents fall into a number of categories, from intimate-partner violence to criminal activity to terrorism. In response, OSHA, the Department of Education, ASIS International, and several other bodies have procuded a wide range of standards and guidelines designed to establish practices for making workplaces as safe as possible for employees, clients, customers, and visitors.


We can provide board-certified experts to apply those standards and guidelines in assessing your existing workplace violence program (including physical security measures through a Security Vulnerability Assessment - SVA). In addition, we can provide initial and ongoing classroom training and tabletop drills for your staff - whether they are in a single, retail shop or an entire school system. We can also provide assistance with maintaining an effective Threat Assessment Program.

The threat of violence in the workplace is real and well-documented, as are the proven solutions that reduce the likelihood or impact of that threat. With the abundance of research and expertise available, it is incumbent upon every organization to draw on those resources to keep their personnel safe.