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  • Training: We offer a wide range of courses, seminars, and training curricula for everything from conflict resolution to firearms safety and qualification. Our training is creative, rigorous, and thorough. [Learn More]
  • Firearms Training: Once officers demonstrate that they have mastery of the fundamentals, our training moves beyond marksmanship to focus on the settengs, scenarios, threats, and decisions that officers face in the real world. [Learn More]
  • Interviews and Interrogation: We are the interviewing experts, and we can assist you with your most challenging cases or sources. We can also train your personnel in advanced methods and best practices. [Learn More]
  • Analysis: Information is useless on its own. To translate intelligence data into usable intelligence requires the skills to synthesize and clearly present large amounts of information. We have the resources to perform this task for you, or to help you design templates and procedures to improve the quality of your information analysis. [Learn More]
  • Threat Assessment: We are available to provide training to threat assessment teams; assist with the establishment of rigorous, fair threat assessment policies and procedures; or provide trained threat assessment professionals to serve on an ad hoc or permanent basis. [Learn More]
  • Security Vulnerability Assessment: Every organization, institution, and facility should have a current security plan, updated regularly (in accordance with the published guidelines for that industry), and based upon a comprehensive TVA/SVA. Our multi-disciplinary teams are available to assist with that process. [Learn More]
  • Crime Prevention: Our certified crime prevention professionals are available to train your officers, staff members, neighbors, or students in a wide variety of crime prevention approaches. [Learn More]
  • Counter-Terrorism: Terrorism is the looming menace of the twenty-first century. All of the services provided by the Human Intelligence Group support an underlying mission of anticipating, responding to, and eliminating potential terrorist threats. [Learn More]
  • Crime Analysis: Preventing crime requires understanding the patterns of how it takes place. We can help you collect and analyze crime data, and then assist you in creating an effective crime prevention plan. [Learn More]
  • Content Analysis: Collecting information is only part of the process. We are available to help you analyze interview transcripts, depositions, and other documents to extract the maximum usable intelligence. [Learn More]
  • HUMINT Analysis: We can assist you with "vertical" analysis of individual sources and "horizontal" analysis which integrates information from multiple sources according to your intelligence priorities and requirements. [Learn More]
  • Consulting: Our instructors and agents can work with your organization or agency on a contract basis, either to assist with a specific case or to help you refine your policies and procedures. We are also available for expert testimony on any topic related to our areas of training and expertise. [Learn More]
  • Open Source Intelligence Collection: We provide open-source intelligence collection and analysis in support of a wide range of missions, in English and in target languages. [Learn More]
  • Background Checks: Our agents use the most up-to-date information technology, but at your request they can go beyond those tools for in-person, single-scope background investigations. [Learn More]
  • Chaplaincy: We maintain a database of clinically-trained and fully-endorsed chaplains available to support public safety deaprtments. We also provide training for departmental and volunteer chaplains who work in public safety settings. [Learn More]
  • Investigations: As a fully licensed detective agency, our agents and instructors are available on a contract basis for high-level investigations that match their areas of expertise. [Learn More]