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~ Mission, Values, and Mandate ~

Our Mission


The Human Intelligence Group finds the truth. We exist to seek out and report accurate, verifiable, unbiased facts; to do so in a way that exceeds industry standards; and to provide training to others agencies to enable them to do the same. Inherent in the unique nature of our services is the obligation to work for safer communities - locally and globally. As a consequence, we will only take assignments that support our core ethos of doing good.



Our Values


Integrity - The content of our work is not dictated by the desires of our clients. We deal only with facts, with precision and without ommission.


Professionalism - Our training curricula and our work product reflect the highest standards according to national norms and practices.


Altruism - Doing the right thing is an end unto itself, and is the guiding principle of our agency's policies and behaviors.


Creativity - Part of our unique contribution to the training and intelligence fields is our opennes to innovative methodologies.


Excellence - In every aspect of our work, our goal is to exceed expectations.



Our Mandate


The Human Intelligence Group is formed to provide the following services:


Training and consulting for public law enforcement officers, federal/state/local government agencies, military personnel, attorneys, private law enforcement officers and detectives, and other groups in the standard methods of human intelligence procurement - and related work - including:


  • Interviews and Interrogation
  • Content and Discourse Analysis
  • Open Source Intelligence Acquisition
  • Crime Analysis and Statistical Evaluation
  • Collection and Reporting of Evidence
  • Threat Assessment
  • Crime Prevention,
  • Firearms and Tactics, and
  • Executive Protection.


Obtaining or furnishing information with reference to:


  • Crimes or Wrongs, including Potential Acts of Terrorism or Military Aggression
  • The Background, Identity, Habits, or other Characteristics of Specific Persons
  • The Cause or Responsibility for Incidents Causing Loss or Injury, and
  • Crime Prevention.


Providing the following services:


  • Securing Evidence to be used before Courts, Boards, Officers, and Investigating Committees
  • Crime Analysis and Statistical Evaluation
  • Threat Assessment Consultations
  • Threat Vulnerability Assessment
  • Content and Discourse Analysis of interview transcripts and other documents
  • Open Source Intelligence Acquisition
  • Executive Protection
  • Human Intelligence Support for government agencies on a contract basis, and
  • Other General Investigative Services.