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~ Firearms Training ~

The ability to safely and effectively apply lethal force requires considerable initial and ongoing training. Once officers demonstrate that they have mastery of the fundamentals, our training moves beyond marksmanship to focus on the settings, scenarios, threats, and decisions that officers face in the real world. This includes shoot-don't shoot and team or squad-level exercises. We encourage all officers to develop good habits on the range that they will take to the street, and the most important of those is to analyze tactically and think critically before and after having drawn their weapon.


Our instructors are certified as classroom and firearms instructors for law enforcement, and are available to provide cutting-edge training in the following areas:


  • Basic Handgun
  • Advance Handgun
  • Basic Patrol Rifle
  • Advanced Patrol Rifle
  • Combat Shotgun
  • Advanced Tactics
  • Crisis Response
  • Active Shooter Response