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~ Crime Prevention~

Historically, the emphasis on criminal justice research and law enforcement resource allocation was on how to effectively respond to criminal acts. Over the past forty years, however, research and practice have demonstrated that an investement of time and energy into preventing crime can reap enormous rewards.


Our certified crime prevention professionals are available to train your officers, staff members, neighbors, or students in a wide variety of crime prevention approaches. Our seminars, training, and other programs can be tailored to the needs of law enforcement professionals or to neighborhood associations, college students, or any group looking for strategies to increase community involvment and reduce crime. We can also provide workplace violence prevention training consistent with OSHA guidelines, as well as security or threat vulnerability assessments, and support for ongoing threat assessment programs.

Below are some useful links to resources on crime prevention, as well as links to key professional organizations in the field.




Law Enforcement Resources (DHS)


Avoid Identity Theft (FTC)


Crime Prevention Resources (NCPC)


School Safety (NCPC)


Safe and Sound at School (JTIC)


Crisis & Safety in Schools (NASP)

- Threat Assessment


Ready.Gov (FEMA)


"Plan & Prepare" (FEMA)

- Basic Disaster Supplies Kit
- Zombie Preparedness (CDC)


Suspicious Mail and Packages (DHS)


Workplace Violence Prevention (OSHA)


Active Shooter Links (DSAC)


Active Shooter Preparedness (DHS)


Active Shooter Resources (FBI)


International Travel Warnings (State Department)

- Tips for Traveling Abroad


Community Oriented Policing Services - COPS (DOJ)

- Dispatch Newsletter


"Check First" (Safety Kids)


Indicators of School Crime and Safety (NCES)


Indicators of School Crime and Safety (BJS)


Power and Control Wheel (NCDSV)



Professional Organizations


National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC)


International Association of Crime Prevention Practitioners (ISCPP)


Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP)


ASIS International (ASIS)


National Neighborhood Watch Institute


International CPTED Association


National Sheriffs' Association


National Crime Prevention Institute (NCPI)


National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO)