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~ Analysis ~

Information is easty to come by. Reliable, useful information is less so; but, if an organization has good intellgence-gathering capabilities they will quickly find that they have more data than they can interpret in meaningful ways. Agents from the Human Intelligence Group are specialists at synthesizing complex information in ways that can be easily understood by multiple constituencies. Whether you need detailed reports with carefully researched historical context, or quick summaries with clear graphs and concise sidebars - the Human Intelligence Group has the training and experience to translate all of the information you have acquired into usable intelligence.



Threat Assessment


Case studies of violent or ciminal events often reveal that the instigators demonstrated behaviors and "red flags" that could have been used to identify them as potential assailants, possibly in time to neutralize the threat. Over the past fifteen years, modern threat assessment has evolved into a tool that applies the expertise of trained professionals from a variety of disciplines including: law enforcement, mental health, social services, private security, and education. At the Human Intelligence Group, we are available to provide training to threat assessment teams; assist with the establishment of rigorous, fair threat assessment policies and procedures; or provide trained threat assessment professionals to serve on an ad hoc or permanent basis. For more information, click here.



HUMINT Analysis


Our contribution to your investigative and intelligence gathering needs does not stop with helping you acquire information from HUMINT sources. We can help you with content analysis and reporting of individual sources (which we often identify as "vertical analysis") as well as with "horizontal analysis" where we synthesize and analyze information from multiple sources.


Our methods of reporting are as variable as your needs and the types of sources for human intelligence. One we determine your requirements, we will develop templates that match your specific goals. Your organization can use these templates in-house, or continue to contract with the Human Intelligence Group to provide continually-updated analyses which match future changes to your priorities.



Content Analysis


The collection of information in human intelligence contexts includes content analysis and document exploitation. Our agents are trained in applying their expertise and foreign language skills to the task of gaining usable information from a variety of sources, including:


  • Transcripts of depositions, interrogations, and trial testimony
  • Narrative confessions
  • Police reports and investigator's notes
  • Print and electronic promotional material
  • Policies, procedures, and training manuals


We apply the same meticulous attention to detail in our content analysis work that we apply to in-person interviews. Whatever the type of written material, we will be able to provide you with a detailed evaluation of the contents, including identifying key patterns as well as indicators of deception.



Crime Analysis


Often organizations and law enforcement agencies accumulate large amounts of data but have difficulty synthesizing the information in ways that are practical and easy to interpret. If you provide us with the formulas you want to apply, we can analyze data for you, or we can assist you in designing templates that your staff can use to assess additional data in the future.

Frequently, the basic formulas for crime prevention are not complicated, but many agencies apply them in cumbersome, static ways or without helpful visualizations. We can teach you how to use widely-available, user-friendly programs like Microsoft Excel to quickly and dynamically organize and represent large amouts of complex data, producing results that make trends easy to spot.


Spreadsheet Screenshot


Our approach always uses visually appealing, color-coded reports that can be quickly interpreted even by a layperson:


Spreadsheet Screenshot


In addition, our statistical analysis always includes a standard deviation or margin of error when it is possible to derive one from the available data.


Whether you are a local police department looking to find better ways to visualize the information you have collected, or an attorney trying to assemble an accurate report of the crime data relevant to your case, we can help you to make the best use of all of the relevant, available data.