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The Human Intelligence Group ("The HUMINT Group") is a specialized training, consulting, and intelligence collection agency focused on the full range of information-gathering procedures in the human intelligence paradigm.


We are the experts on interviews, interrogation, qualitative research, content analysis, threat assessment, and intelligence analysis. Our team members come from a diverse background in military, law enforcement, and private investigations. Many of them are DoD-certified linguists, and our services are available in a number of Western European and Near-Eastern target languages.


Our commitment is to setting the standard for best practices in HUMINT investigations. That commitment is reflected in our wide range of consulting and training services, the uniquely-detailed quality of our reports, and the exceptional skills of our staff.


To read our corporate mission statement and scope of practice, click here to learn more.


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The Human Intellignce Group provides training, analysis, and consultancy services for government and law enforcement agencies, attorneys, private corporations, security firms, and other groups that wish to establish exceptional practices for information collection, crime prevention, and research.


In addition to serving in these roles, our agents can also provide a full range of information-gathering and threat assessment services, with a particular emphasis on HUMINT methodologies including interviews, interrogation, threat assessment, and content analysis.


We can collect and analyze information for you, analyze intelligence that you have already collected, or train your personnel in best practices for future investigations. Our services include:

Crime Analysis : Workplace Violence : Training : Interviews & Interrogation : Crime Prevention : Threat Assessment : Open Source : Content Analysis : Security Vulnerability Assessment :

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Our area of special expertise at the Human Intelligence Group is training - in the classroom, in the field, and on the range.


As our name implies, we are industry-leading experts in interviews, interrogation, threat assessment, and content analysis - but our expertise does not stop there. We can provide certified instructors in a wide range of topics ranging from verbal de-escalation and crisis intervention to advanced firearms training and range qualification.


We can tailor our training curricula to support traditional investigative and intelligence missions as well as to meet the needs of legal, educational, or corporate settings where many of these same skills - interviewing, data analysis, conflict resolution - can be effectively applied to a wide range of scenarios.


If your goal is to equip your personnel to exceed industry standards, we have the talented intructors, innovative curricula, and extensive resources to meet your needs. [Learn More]